Wild Harvest Sanded Perch Covers for Small Birds, 6 Ct (4 Pack)

Wild Harvest Sanded Perch Covers for Small Birds, 6-Count Wild Harvest team is dedicated to providing products that promote complete nutrition and healthy daily living for your birds and small animals. The Wild Harvest Sanded Perch Covers for Small Birds can easily be installed in almost any cage or aviary. Each Wild Harvest Perch Cover provides a sanitary place for your pet to stand on and hang out. These Sanded Perch Covers for Small Birds are covered in a fine sand material that also offers superior grip to prevent accidental slips. These covers for bird cage perches help to keep your feathered friend's nails clean, trim and tidy meaning that you have less maintenance work to do. The Sanded Perch Covers fits perches that are 3/8 inch diameter. Weekly cover replacement is recommended or sooner if a cover becomes excessively soiled, dirty or ruined by your bird. Included in the package are 6 Wild Harvest Sanded Perch Covers.

Wild Harvest Sanded Perch Covers for Small Birds, 6-Count.Product Features:

  • Hygienic covers for your bird's perch
  • Keeps birds' nails clean
  • Also trims bird nails
  • Fits 3/8" diameter for perches
  • Fine sand material offers greater grip
  • Recommended weekly replacement

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