SmartMouth Zinc Activated Oral Breath Rinse Mouthwash Clinical DDS, Clean Mint, 16 fl oz


SmartMouth Activated Oral Rinse Clinical DDS, 16 fl oz:

  • HELP PREVENT BLEEDING GUMS & GINGIVITIS - SmartMouth’s Clinical DDS Prescription Strength oral rinse combines zinc ion technology with maximum antiplaque and anti-gingivitis benefits to help prevent bleeding gums and fight gum disease. Our patented solution promotes optimal oral and general health while preventing and eliminating bad breath for 24 hours with twice daily use.
  • ELIMINATE & PREVENT BAD BREATH - SmartMouth’s Clinical DDS oral rinse uses patented zinc ion technology to stop sulfur producing germs so you can eliminate and prevent bad breath or halitosis for 12 hours with a single rinse. We’re so confident that our clinical strength mouthwash will prevent bad breath that each bottle carries a full money-back satisfaction guarantee.
  • CREATED & RECOMMENDED BY DENTISTS & ORAL PROFESSIONALS - SmartMouth’s founder, Dr. Cohen was a leading authority on the study of the origin and diagnosis of bad breath treatments. His many years of research on the cause of bad breath and halitosis led to the creation of SmartMouth’s patented clinical-strength mouthwash. Prevent halitosis and bad breath as well as fight gingivitis and gum disease.
  • ALCOHOL FREE – NO BURNING SENSATION - SmartMouth’s Clinical DDS oral treatment uses zinc ions to eliminate and prevent bad breath without any stinging or burning sensation. Alcohol dries out your mouth, making you more vulnerable to bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. SmartMouth’s maximum strength bad breath treatment uses the power of zinc ions to eliminate and prevent bad breath for 12 hours with every rinse.
  • COMPARE TO PRESCRIPTION CHLORHEXIDINE MOUTHWASH - SmartMouth’s Clinical DDS oral rinse works smarter than other anti-bacterial rinses because it is alcohol free and will eliminate and prevent your bad breath and halitosis as well as promote healthy gums and fight gingivitis. Experience a clinical oral treatment with a pleasant, minty taste and no lingering aftertaste.

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