Dentyne, Ice Arctic Chill,12 Ct

Freshen breath instantly with the powerful flavor of this 9-pack box of Dentyne Ice arctic chill sugar-free gum.Keep a 16-piece pack of flavored chewing gum in pockets or purses to instantly freshen breath after meals, smoking or simply to get rid of mouth staleness. The powerful arctic chill flavor masks odors and the sugar-free formulation provides guilt-free indulgence. Each Dentyne Ice chewing gum is individually wrapped for hygienic sharing. Arctic chill flavored gum helps freshen breath. Sugar-free formula. Nine packs per box (16 pieces per pack). Individually wrapped and easy to share. Made of sorbitol, gum base, maltitol, natural and artificial flavors.Strong Mint FlavorThe Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill sugar-free gum has an intense strong mint flavor that blasts away offensive breath by overpowering it with its minty fragrance. Use this chewing gum before meeting clients or when you are concerned about making a great first impression. The minty taste will overcome mouth staleness, leaving you with a clean mouth and fresh breath. No SugarThe Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill gum is a sugar-free gum which contains fewer calories than ordinary gum. Pop as many as you want during the course of a day without increasing your calorie intake. With no sugar content, chewing this gum is good for your oral hygiene as well as for preserving your tooth enamel. Helps You Manage StressChewing Ice Arctic Chill gum helps you mitigate stress and focus better when working under high pressure. Its strong refreshing flavor keeps you alert and its low calorie content means that you can keep chewing without worrying about your waistline. Sold as 9/Box.
  • Gum, Sugar Free, Arctic Chill, Ice
  • Contains a Bioengineered Food Ingredient. 60 Min. fresh breath (Includes 20 minute each chew time). Not labeled for individual sale. Questions? Call 1-800-524-2854. Dispose of properly.

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